Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

Products purchased from The Old Fort Lodge Inc. are supported and serviced for the duration of your ownership.  Returns are accepted for all items if you are unsatisfied with your purchase.  A receipt of your purchase is necessary for all returns.

Shipping for products returned is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Everything we sell is sold through our store but are produced by various manufacturers or service providers.  Vendors will sell their wares through our store on consignment.  We strive to ensure 100% satisfaction with products and services sold through our store.  If you need to contact the vendor, we will be happy to assist.

Private Club members have gated access, parking, use of amenities, dining, lodging, activities, special events, classes, and other opportunities to enjoy their membership.  Specific details of each membership are outlined in the membership purchased through the store.

We offer an atmosphere of general wellness with a broad array of activities which are carefully scheduled not to interfere with each other.  For those with appointments, a ten minute grace period will be honored for late arrivals.  For those who are unable to arrive on time, we will work within our abilities to accomplish the mission, but we will sometimes shorten activities to honor the following appointments.

Services rendered are done so according to the specifications of each service agreement.  The service agreements are listed in the store.  Internet services are provided at the Fort for those served locally.

All lodging arrangements require a 25% refundable security deposit, and a 25% non-refundable reservation deposit is required along with the full amount of the lodging, and any add-on amenities, upon making reservations.  A cancellation may be made up to two weeks prior to arrival and 75% of the reservation, and the security deposit will be refunded, however the 25% non-refundable reservation deposit will be retained and applied toward the next future reservation.  Cancellations within two weeks of arrival are only 50% refundable and a return of the security deposit is promised as well.

Use of amenities is encouraged in a responsible and safe manner.  Members are encouraged to have fun and make use of the available resources.  Members are expected to return any equipment used to its storage area where obtained.