Private Club

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The Old Fort Lodge Inc. is incorporated to have members.  Memberships are therefore a very important part of what we offer.  Memberships to a private club can be very straight forward, or they can be overly complex.  We try to keep our variety of memberships simple enough to navigate easily.  The variety of memberships is necessary because of our ability to meet various demands.

The several names of The Old Fort Lodge Inc. provide different memberships.  For example:  Belvedere Repository can sell internet access memberships while the member enjoys internet provided.  Another example is that Hearts Hands Hooves & Paws sells a horse lesson membership.  The two memberships are completely different, but both members are members of The Old Fort Lodge Inc.

So when you sign up for a special event, you also become a member of The Old Fort Lodge Inc.  You might be here for a musical performance, three day class, or are an annual gun club member.  Each membership is unique to the person who has purchased it.  A user account on the website is not necessary to enjoy membership.  Simply complete the questions and submit the payment information for your personalized experience as a private club member.

Our members enjoy the company of each other and are interrupted only by the horseback rides led by guides from Arrowmont Stables & Cabins LLC who shares the use of the property with us.  You may be enjoying a fishing experience and look up to see five horses staring at you, or perhaps you are in the garden to find a four legged friend!

Members are well equipped for life in the outdoors with ample supplies for their rugged sports and education.  Horses are not the only creatures roaming the lands.  You are encouraged to be prepared for encounters with dangerous animals.  For example, crawdads found in the streams have pinchers like a crab.  Be careful.  There are also tree stumps and boulders to be wary of.  Staying on paths is a good way to stay safe, but sometimes your adventure will take you beyond the beaten trail!

Memberships are described in further detail under the various pages of the Private Club section.  All memberships do include gated entry, parking, bathroom, phone, dining, amenities, privacy, exclusivity, and a refreshing atmosphere!  Your membership can be personalized as well.  We are flexible for both groups and individuals.

If you were ever interested in having the security of a gated community with the atmosphere of a park, then you have found the right place.  Also be sure to check out the lodging available as a private club member.  You may not want to leave!


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