Southern Appalachian Adventures

Southern Appalachian Adventures:

Sport- The action or endeavor to physically achieve a goal.

The opportunity to utilize our physical bodies is a challenge we face every day. Each morning we wake up and can either exercise, or choose not to. The sports program at The Old Fort Lodge Inc. exists for those who choose to exercise.

Various activities are available to each of our members. We have two-hundred acres of wilderness in the Southern Appalachian mountains available for our sports activities. Some of these activities are team based, other activities are individual. Bouldering is a sport which challenges the individual to conquer the rocky outcroppings along mountain sides. Archery is a sport that challenges the focus and skill of the archer. Still other sports remain which are team challenges like tug of war, or horse wrangling.

The idea of sports is to foster physical ability in both the team and individual environments. Some of our sports activities involve the competitive angle. These activities are strategic and tactical in nature. Chess and bridge are considered sportive by some people while other people consider only the most physically demanding activities sportive, like football or cheer-leading.

We offer an environment which allows individuals and groups to participate in the most leisurely and physical of sports. Chess is offered near to our library, while log rolling is offered in the outdoor premises. A list of offered sports is not necessary because we are adaptive to the needs of our members. We choose not to channel our members into a specific activity. Instead, we offer the environment suitable for the creative members of our sports club to proactively challenge each other to new and exciting activities. Some of our members prefer a rock throwing competition while others consider hacky-sack to be choice activities. The choice is yours.

While our premises offer the opportunity to enjoy the sport of your desire, we also venture off premises to explore the Southern Appalachian mountains. Hiking, camping, outdoor cooking, and other survival skills are sportive if you must not utilize them. If it is your choice, you can participate in the survival sports offered along side of our survival education program. Your participation is appreciated!

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