Rough Run Farms

Rough Run Farms:

The Old Fort Lodge Inc. is interested in the scientific pursuit of organic farming and nutritional applications for the betterment of our private members. Healthy diet and exercise are significant contributors to a better life. We have put into place a program for studying the methods of cultivating plants which will increase their production and nutritional value while eliminating the use of genetically modified organisms (gmo) and also eliminate the application of fungicides and pesticides.

This all natural and organic approach to farming is what we believe to be the way God intended for it to be. Every Autumn, the trees drop fresh mulch in the form of dead leaves. Every Winter, the seeds crack open and allow water to stimulate the new growth. Every Spring, plants flower and are pollinated in their cycle of life. Every Summer, the plants produce their yield.

Certain plants grow well near to other plants, while some plants are too competitive to be friendly neighbors in the garden. Our approach to farming and gardening is meant to determine which plants grow well to one another through a systematic and experimental approach. Additionally, the plants which are well suited to grow next to each other, are also used to determine the best nutritional values for the human body.

Plants which produce well together also yield better produce. That produce is known to affect the human body in a positive manner. It is our mission to determine which combinations of produce are best for the human body that our members can live better lives. Keeping our members mentally alert, physically strong, and morally straight is the goal of this experiment.

Donations to this scientific endeavor can be made through our donation page. Thank you for your support. Outcomes will be published for our members to peruse at their leisure.

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