Real American Heroes

Real American Heroes:

Charity– The general love which binds together the qualities of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.  The Old Fort Lodge Inc. provides charitable assistance to military, parents, and families.

Real American Heroes: The Old Fort Lodge Inc. (DBA Real American Heroes) offers our services to assist the US military.  Our services are summarized into five categories.

  1. Recruits will have educational materials available so they can make better decisions about their military career path.  The young men who don’t know much about the military or its culture can explore the different options available to them within SOCOM.
  2. Active Duty soldiers are to be glorified and promoted to a civilian audience.  The eye-witness accounts and first hand stories of actual combat missions will be shared by the people who were there.  Video reproductions of these events will dramatize the actual events that have been the war against terror.
  3. ETS (Exit The Service) transitional services for soldiers re-entering civilian life.  These services will teach career skills which can be applied anywhere in the country.  Property management (landscape, hardscape, construction, and maintenance of real property) skills will be taught to our transitional soldiers.  Phase 1 will be blue collar job skills, Phase 2 will be white collar property management skills.
  4. Wounded veterans (those veterans with physical wounds, soul wounds, and/or broken hearts) will have an environment for health and wellness.  Qualified personnel, and veterans who have relevant experience will be on hand to assist the most traumatized individuals along their path to recovery.
  5. Families of our Fallen Comrades will be serviced with care and wellness packages, and also the comrades of the fallen, will share testimonies in the form of videos which document who that soldier was and why their service to the USA was meaningful to them.

The primary veterans to be served are from the Special Operations Community (SOCOM). These soldiers have been party to some of the most violent and gruesome combat scenarios in modern times. The oath of allegiance to defend the Constitution of the United States is the oath which all military personnel are required to vow prior to training. This oath is the one common denominator among all veterans.

While the military is being supported through Real American Heroes, we also seek to serve the poor, indigent, and disenfranchised within our community.   It is a double edged sword of charity! The Old Fort Lodge Inc. reaches out to veterans who then reach out to the poor who are closest to us in our community.

Veterans being served will also be giving back to the community here at our location.  These services include, but are not limited to: housing maintenance, food service, delivery of children’s clothing & toys, educational materials, general literature, and animal care.

This is done mainly through community outreach via literature and door knocking. Charitable outreach to the poor in our area is also accomplished with periodic “pot luck” dinners, access to clothes, literature, and the internet. Many veterans come from poor backgrounds and will be well suited to reaching out to the poor nearby. The strategy is to combine the charitable activities for both groups of people with the donations of our charitable members to achieve a positive multiplier effect in our community.

Special Operations personnel volunteer for the most challenging training and are willing to die for the freedom, justice, and liberty of those who suffer harm and are under tyranny. The psychological affects from training are bad enough, but for those who have seen combat, the damage can be permanently disabling. The charitable services which are provided to, and by, these veterans enable them to find usefulness here on the home front, outside of the combat zone.





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