Learning Instructions & Fundamental Education

Learning Instructions & Fundamental Education:

Educatio- The Latin root of the modern English term “education” which means a breeding, a bringing up, a rearing.

The Old Fort Lodge Inc. is an educational entity which is actively engaged in the lives of our students. We are all disciples of knowledge, skills, and habits. Disciple is an excellent word for those of us in education because it is a word which means both student and teacher. Our disciples in education are well equipped to instruct students in various teachings, life skills, and behavior. We emphasize that a strong foundation of knowledge in various fields, development of talents and abilities, and that the formation of talents and abilities are essential to the preparation for the challenges of life.

The curriculum is both religious and secular. Religious curriculum includes, but is not limited to, history of the religions of the world, an understanding of the philosophical differences between the religions, and also the life applications of these religions. Secular curriculum includes, but is not limited to, the study of culture, language, science, math, history, nature, civics, and economics.

Our program is non-traditional in the sense that we do not limit the performance of our students by age or grade. Instead we take the pass/fail approach so that students are not limited by the non-performance of others in their class. Disciples (teachers) are able to instruct students as a group and evaluate the performance of the students individually through planned testing, pop quizzes, and application of knowledge.

Students are expected to be attentive to the disciples of knowledge, skills, and habits. Disciples are shown to be studied and approved with no less than an Associated Degree from an institution of higher learning, or the trade school equivalent. Positive habits are encouraged so that the knowledge and training are retained through repetition.

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