Belvedere Repository

Belvedere Repository:

Literature- Writing formed with letters. Literature can be further deduced to its various forms of fiction or non-fiction. Literature can also be formed into poetry or prose.

Reference materials, manuals, contracts, diagrams, and history are non-fiction. Dramas, plays, stories, songs, and novels are fiction. This list is not considered an exhaustive list of the varieties of literature but it serves as a guide to the reader. The reading and analysis of literature is the foundation of our literature program.

The literature program of The Old Fort Lodge Inc. is a program designed to stimulate the active thought of our members. Mental acuity is the basis of sound decision making in life. This program compliments our education program which serves our members. Our reading club members have access to a library consisting of various forms of literature accessible during normal operating hours.

The books, magazines, songs, stories, and reference materials exist to the betterment of our members. Our library is ever growing. The literature program exists so that our members can check out the thoughts of authors who put in the effort to record what those authors believed would help, entertain, or otherwise benefit the readers of their works of literature.

Don’t forget about the internet!  We have a wireless internet system for your use as a member.

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