The services provided by our Non Profit section are for the betterment of our community, society, our environment except science.  Our scientific research is for the benefit of our members only.  That is a legal requirement to protect the public from scientific discoveries that have not gone through peer review.  Check the Private Club section for memberships that will allow you to have full access to our non profit scientific discoveries.

Our religious services are based on Christian principles.  The Holy Bible is our guiding text.  New Testament principles are based on the belief that Jesus Christ is the son of God who was sacrificed for our redemption back to a spiritual relationship with God through communion with the Holy Spirit.  The Old Fort Lodge is the provider of religious services which are held whenever two or more are gathered in the name of the Lord.

Charitable services are directed toward the service men and women of America.  Military, law enforcement, medics, fire fighters, civil air patrol, the postal service, and other executive branches of governmental service are eligible to receive services from Real American Heroes, or cooperating vendors.

Educational services are provided by Learning and Instructions of Fundamental Education.  We spend time educating our students in many different fields.  Our instructors are both knowledgeable and experienced in various fields of study and occupation.  Crafts, cottage industries, construction, farming, academics, nature, etc. are all part of the educational experience.  Part of our outreach to Real American Heroes is to provide entrepreneurial educational services to

Scientific services are for members only.  We have set up an experimental garden.  This garden is set up using principles of permaculture, aquaculture, and food forest designs.  The concepts of “eat right for your blood type” and “miracle food cures from the bible” are our planning guides for food selection.  The goal is to discover if certain diseases, like diabetes, can be treated by diet instead of drugs.  A holistic approach to health and wellness is our starting point.

Literary services are to provide excellent reading materials that can be read while on site.  Additionally, we are able to teach digital literacy at The Fort.  While some of our services focus on “old world” skills, we also must be competitive across the digital landscape in order to help open economic opportunities to those being served.  Digital literacy is an integral part of our literary services provided by the Belvedere Repository.

Sports services are centered around the outdoor sports which are for amateur competitions.  Simple sports competitions have a positive impact on participants and spectators alike.  We sponsor various competitions for locals, and those from out of state, and even across international boundaries!  Check the Southern Appalachian Adventures competitions for current and future events.

Prevention of cruelty to children and animals is such a basic concept of compassion and caring.  Hearts Hands Hooves & Paws helps facilitate the nurturing and protection of them through assistance to parents, direct aid to animals, through community outreach, and open house opportunities for the needy.  Shelter assistance is provided on a case by case basis.



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