Non Profit

The Old Fort Lodge Inc. is a non profit corporation incorporated in North Carolina.  We are seeking our tax exempt status from the IRS but we are also a Church, so donations are tax exempt by rule.  The 501c(3) status is additionally required by some organizations for treatment as a non profit within their organization, but your donations are tax exempt.

Our guiding principles are within the text of the Bible.  We recognize the Bible to be historically accurate, and also believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God who atoned for our inherently sinful (spiritually separated from God) nature thanks to Adam and Eve.  We are therefore redeemed into the kingdom of God the Father and anointed by the Holy Spirit to spread the gospel, the good news.

We recognize that in order to impact the community, we must operate in several capacities.  That is why we have several missions which are relevant to the tax exempt purposes which the IRS recognizes as bona fide non profit missions.  They are religion, charity, education, science, literature, promotion of national or international sports competition, and the prevention of cruelty toward children and animals.

To help keep things clear, we have established names for each of the non profit missions.  The Old Fort Lodge is the name for religion, Real American Heroes is the name for charity, Learning and Instructions of Fundamental Education is the name for education, Rough Run Farms is the name for science, Belvedere Repository is the name for literature, Southern Appalachian Adventures is the name for sports, and Hearts Hands Hooves and Paws is the name for prevention of cruelty.

Services from each of these legal aliases of The Old Fort Lodge Inc. will have their own branding, logos, and other identifying features to differentiate themselves.  As an interested person, you should know that all of these named non profit missions are under the corporate headship of The Old Fort Lodge Inc.  Non Profit (NP) missions, Private Club (PC) activities, and Community Development Corporation (CDC) programs are also under the same legal identity.

Private Club activities are for members only.  Memberships are structured so that a person or group may visit our location, utilize our amenities, dine, lodge, and participate in activities in an exclusive setting.  Memberships are available for single events, courses, meditation, venue rental, amenities, dining, sports, etc.  There are many different memberships available and they change from time to time.  Check the Private Club (PC) section for more information.

Community Development Corporation programs are to share our prosperity with the community by providing jobs, contractor opportunities, educational experiences, delivering high speed internet to unserved/underserved areas.  Many more programs designed to improve the standard of living, increase economic opportunities, and facilitate strengthened relationships between members of the community.  Check the Community Development Corporation (CDC) section for more information.