Community Development Corporation

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The Community Development Corporation (CDC) arm of The Old Fort Lodge Inc. is purposed toward the general improvement of the Mountain Community within Jackson County, NC.  Programs are constantly being improved to better serve the people of our community and the habitat around us.  Other communities are also served by our various extensions.  For example:  Real American Heroes reaches out to the veteran and public service community.  Another example:  The Old Fort Lodge reaches out to widows and orphans.

Volunteers, contractors, and employees are putting hands to the task as needed.  Tasks are prioritized by their relevance to Non Profit missions and to Private Club activities.  Financing our employees and contractors is accomplished through both sources.  Private Club revenues and Non Profit donations are put to use in part to hire and retain professionals from our community.

Programs to provide jobs to the community are based largely on the current needs of the community, and also the current demands of our private club members.  If the needs of the community are for firewood and food in the winter time, then programs are put in place to fill that need.  If our private club members require classes in soap making, then our community of vendors can staff the position.

Community development also includes the environment.  We have unique challenges to ensure that our ecosystem is in good balance with our progress.  Being environmentally conscious means that we are keeping the litter up, cleaning up mistakes from the past, and developing the land in a responsible manner.  Our construction activities are very low impact.  Facilities are designed with preservation in mind from below the ground to the air above.

Preservation of the homes inhabited by our community members is also part of community development.  Homes of the elderly, veterans, widows/orphans, are the primary focus of our community home preservation programs, but other situations are also acceptable on a case by case basis.  For example:  if a house burned down, the people in distress would have temporary shelter available.

CDC programs toward the benefit of the community will be updated as per the needs of the community.  Jobs, contracts, and other vendors are preferably from our communities served.  Southern Appalachian Adventures might need an adventure tour guide, and that person could be a veteran through Real American Heroes, or that person could be a local through Southern Appalachian Adventures.  Both people would have priority over an independent purveyor without association through The Old Fort Lodge Inc.

The Old Fort Lodge Inc. is dedicated to the development of our various communities served.  We serve the Christian community, the communities of our service men and women, widows and orphans, locals, children, elderly and the desperate.  Our community lodge, cabins, cottages, and homes are available to rent by Private Club patrons, they are also available for Non Profit purposes, and yet are still built and maintained by Community Development Corporation personnel.


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