The Old Fort Lodge Inc.

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is dedicated to facilitate community development in our area.  We are set up to function as a congregation of private members who seek to get back

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to the basics in life.  Our various programs, which are under constant development, will provide people with multiple options to enjoy their time together.

We offer Private Club Memberships, Volunteer Memberships, and Community Outreach Services.  Special Events are available frequently and a Private Club Membership is included for the duration of any of our Special Events.  You can become a Monthly Member, an Annual Member, or just be a Special Event Member for the duration of the Special Event.

All programs are provided by our Service Providers who are professionally qualified to serve your needs.  The Old Fort Lodge facilitates the broader vision through contracted personnel who have the proper heart and mindset along with the experience and equipment to serve your needs.


The Ark:  Counseling and spiritual enlightenment are offered for wounded souls needing a safe

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place to heal.  Sometimes things happen in life that we don’t understand.  Patterns develop in our relationships that can be destructive and those patterns often can be traced back to certain events which have left lasting impressions.  Services are available for those seeking a return to wholeness.

Real American Heroes:  Our

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essay writer nation’s veterans have become more and more disenfranchised when they enter society as a civilian.  We are a place for veterans to learn job skills in the field of property management.  Veterans become retrained with vocational skills which can be applied Anywhere USA.  Additionally, while in training, the veterans help

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out the community by applying these skills where needed so they can build experience while in training.  Veterans will also learn to adjust to the civilian life

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while in training so they are less likely to experience disenfranchised conditions going

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Belvedere Repository:  Sometimes the best exercise is for your mind.  We offer a private collection for your perusal

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at our main lodge.  We also offer wireless internet for your personal use.  A variety of books, magazines, and our program materials are available for you to enjoy when you are ready to flex those mental muscles!

Rough Run Farms:  Organic gardening, perma-culture, and aqua-culture are all necessary for  proper nutrition.  Nuts, berries, and even fungal varieties are also found in our forest environment across nearly 200 acres.  We will help you learn about the cultivation, packaging, storage, and preparation of these items prior to consumption.  We will also show you how to cook these natural delights.  Eating a good, heart meal is always better when you’ve put your own hands to the task!

Southern Appalachian Adventures:  Recreational activities for the whole family, team building courses, and individual physical training are offered on a regular basis.  We believe that sports, competition, and leisurely pursuits are a great way to bond and build relationships.  That is why you will find your heart rate elevated while you sweat away the stress!

Hearts, Hands, Hooves & Paws:  We provide pet and animal hospitality for your furry friends while you are unable to look after them yourself!  Our Directors and Volunteer Members are here to serve your needs.  We also are developing a petting zoo as a way for our farm animals to get some extra love from our members and their guests.